Insurance & Financing Information

Dental insurance and financing options are important so you can access the necessary dental services as needed. Whether you have dental insurance, or you would like to look at options for financing, we are here to help!

Dental Insurance Reimbursements

Our office staff is proactive in supporting patients with dental claims and insurance coverage – helping to minimize your out-of-pocket costs whenever possible. We provide a hands-on approach so you aren’t left alone navigating the stacks of forms and paperwork required for insurance reimbursements.

We work with many major dental insurance plans. Before your treatment, our team will verify available coverage and discuss your anticipated portion of the costs. Then, our team is proactive in filing the paperwork and following up with the insurance company regarding unpaid claims.

Direct Payment Options

Out-of-pocket costs, such as your insurance copay or if you are paying for the services without insurance, can be paid using all major forms of payment:

  • Credit cards
  • Cash
  • Personal checks

Financing Options for Dental Treatments

Sometimes, financing is needed to cover the cost of essential treatments. We accept CareCredit healthcare, giving you the option to move forward with dental services even if you don’t have the immediate cash to pay for these treatments. This third-party financing program is a trusted source for healthcare financing that can be used for everything from general checkups to bigger dental procedures.

CareCredit offers convenient monthly payments based on the financial situation for each patient. The benefit of CareCredit is that you don’t need to delay time-sensitive treatments. This credit card can be used over and over again for dental needs, as well as other healthcare services from other providers.

If you need financing, then talk to our team about the application process. It’s simple to apply and you receive a decision right away. You can learn more about dental financing by calling our office or visiting